The Value Of Beauty Bliss Cosmetics

Many thanks to Sally for sending this in! Save money and shop with Beauty Bliss!

Hi Lynn,

I can’t believe the people who want something for nothing or are afraid to experiment. You quite clearly say on your website that makeup should be fun and your makeup gives the customer all sorts of options to tailor your products to her individual skin.

First, your foundation doesn’t match my skin exactly either. What is fun about that is that every morning, I try a new mix of colors and finishes. I also try light, medium and heavy applications to see what they will look like. So far, no matter what foundation mix I used, it still looks like my skin. I am also learning how to use the eyeshadows, though right now, they are very messy. However, my philosophy is that you have given me a basic collection of different colors and finishes. It’s up to me to experiment to see what works for me. As you can see from my order history, I’ve ordered samples of just about everything. I can afford to do this because your prices are way cheaper than other brands. I know this because before I ordered anything I did a cost analysis of your products. Here’s what I found;

Prices per gram:


BBC 67 cents per gram
Bare Essentials $2.78 per gram
Jane Iredale $2.93 per gram

Eyeshadow and Blush:

BBC 90 cents per gram
Bare Essentials $2.18 per gram
Jane Iredale $5.33 per gram

I am grateful to have found a cosmetic company that has eliminated nasty chemicals from my makeup. I can trust what you say about your cosmetics. I appreciate the fact that you answer my emails in a timely way. Customers who want to return products that are this inexpensive are wasting more money in return postage than the original order. Of course samples are not returnable. Good grief they aren’t returnable anywhere else either!

No cosmetic company makes makeup that exactly matches my skin, and believe me, I’ve tried a bunch of them. Now I have the option to create my ideal makeup myself.

What a blessing!