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Welcome To Beauty Bliss Cosmetics!

That's Me!
Welcome! I'm Lynn, the owner and founder of Beauty Bliss Cosmetics. Thank you for visiting my shop and looking around. I'm always interested in the "who we are and how we got here" stories so I wrote ours with that in mind. I hope you enjoy learning about our journey and I hope you'll stop at the shopping section next.

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics began in 2004 as a hobby for me. We have built our online presence over the last decade and in that time we have published many articles about mineral makeup, makeup application, and makeup ingredients. Please visit our mineral makeup articles, and our blog, to learn more about this incredible makeup and to see why our clients keep coming back.

Recently, our store has undergone a massive overhaul and is now more streamlined and refined. We continue to provide excellent value to our clients; high quality, pure mineral makeup at affordable prices. We offer you only products with the very best feedback. If it's not loved by our clients, we dump it. Our clients have consistently raved about these items and we know you'll love them too!

Oh, by the way, here's our story...  

The Beginning 

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics was founded in November of 2004, but really began almost a year earlier. I was watching late night infomercials and saw an ad for a popular brand of mineral makeup. Having never heard of such a product, I was very interested. I placed my order for the starter kit that very night. After I received it, I was pleased with the concept, but the actual makeup irritated my sensitive skin.

The main selling point of this makeup was that it was "all natural". Those were magic words to me and the main reason I bought it in the first place. Once my skin had a reaction to it, I was more intrigued how something so "good" made my skin feel so unhappy. Over the next few months I spent all my time, and too much money, researching, trying other mineral products, and suffering itchy skin.

After I got a really good understanding of mineral makeup concepts, I figured, "why can't I make my own?" And after many more hours of research and reading everything I could get my hands on, I found a raw ingredient supplier and placed a small order.

The Journey

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics was born in my kitchen.

In the beginning, while I had tons of information on ingredients, I had no real recipes. The first few batches I made were horribly unwearable. After a few failed attempts I finally made a foundation I was happy with.

I was wearing my new foundation everywhere and getting complimented on how great my skin looked. My best friend, who has the world's most sensitive skin, was impressed with the concept and the compliments I was getting, so she requested I make her a foundation. I did, and the word began to spread.

As I got more word-of-mouth referrals my best friend suggested I turn my hobby into a real business. I already owned a skin care website so I decided I had nothing to lose. I made a small variety of foundations, a finishing powder, several eyeshadow colors and a couple blushes. Then, I opened my doors (online).

Where We Are Now

Over the years our product line grew, and grew, and grew! We have 16 foundation colors, specialty products like Mattifier, a half dozen finishing powders and a rainbow colored range of eyeshadow. We even have a completely mica free foundation line for those with mica sensitivities.

My goal is for you to get complimented on your skin, not your makeup. Mineral makeup works a little magic every day by enhancing your natural radiance and letting it shine through. You will never look heavily made-up or have a makeup "mask" with our feather light, totally breathable makeup. Try it for yourself and see.

It's time for makeup to be fun again!