Eye Shadow

Mineral Eye Shadow - $4.95 

Our mineral eye shadow is designed to stay exactly where you put it. It won't run or crease and a little goes a long way. Choose from bold and full of glam glimmers or office-friendly satin neutrals. Only our best colors make it this far so you can rest assured these hues are versatile and beautiful.

These luxurious mineral eye shadow colors can be used wet or dry. Because they are loose powder there will be fallout during application, so we recommend keeping a tissue on your cheek to catch the powder. If you would like to use them wet mix a little water, hydrosol or primer with your mineral eye shadow until it's a creamy consistency and apply. This is a great way to use your eye shadow as an eyeliner!
  • Our mineral eye shadow colors come in 5g volume jars/1.5g net wt., which last 3-6 months for most regular users.
  • Our minerals are blended at a low speed for a silky application and luxurious texture.
  • Our mineral eye shadow colors are suitable for all skin types.
Ingredients: Mica,, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Magnesium Myristate. May contain Chromium Oxide Green, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet.


Pearl Mineral Eyeshadow

Pearl- Pearly White Highlighter; Moderate Shimmer

Sandstone Mineral Eyeshadow

Sandstone- Perfect Light Beige, Ideal For Highlighting & Neutral Base; Moderate Shimmer

Sand Mineral Eyeshadow

Sand- Beige With Black Undertones, Perfect Neutral; Moderate Shimmer (My personal favorite!)

Silk Mineral Eyeshadow

Silk- Nearly Translucent Blush Pink Highlighter; Moderate Shimmer (One Of Our Best Sellers!)


Desert Rose Mineral Eyeshadow

Desert Rose- Neutral Warm Pink With Rose & Beige Undertones; Moderate Shimmer

Champagne Eyeshadow

Champagne- Bubbly Gold With Light Pink Interference; Moderate Shimmer

Peachy Mineral Eyeshadow

Peachy- True Peach With Strong Gold Undertones; Moderate Shimmer

Wealth Mineral Eyeshadow

Wealth- Rich Mid Bronze With Gold Shimmer; Moderate Shimmer

Moonstone Mineral Eyeshadow

Moonstone- Neutral Medium Brown With Silver & Purple Undertones. Very Understated & Muted; Low Shimmer

Starry Eyes Eyeshadow

Starry Eyes- Neutral Brown With Silver Undertones; High Shimmer

Uptown Eyeshadow

Uptown- Mid Silvery Reddish Brown With Purple Undertones; High Shimmer

Chocolate Mineral Eyeshadow

Chocolate- Rich, Dark Brown With Gold & Copper Sparkle; Moderate Shimmer

Onyx Mineral Eyeshadow

Onyx- Deep Black, Almost Matte; Very Low Shimmer

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I just wanted to tell you that you have the most amazing eye shadow colors. The best in the biz! And thank you for your great, truly amazing customer service.

I just placed an order for champagne eye shadow successfully. I purchased eye shadow from this company years ago and have been very pleased with the merchandise. The eye shadow does not irritate my sensitive skin and it looks beautiful.
~Christine A.