Sally Loves Our New Twist Sifters!

Hi Lynn,

Just a note to tell you that I love, love, love, love the new jars with the twist sifter opening. No more prying the sifter top off with a screwdriver and injuring myself in the process. Great improvement! Also love the Sweetheart blush.

Best to you, Sally

Hi Sally,

Thank you for the feedback! I love to hear what our clients think of the changes we make. 

The twist sifters allow the sifter itself to be completely closed. You will find these sifters on our foundation, matte foundation, blush, finishing powders, primers, body dusters, bronzers and color correctors. If anyone else has a comment about the new sifters in the 20g and 30g jars, please send them my way! 

Our Mineral Foundation Now Has Twist Sifters!