Non-Toxic Skincare Options

This was left as a comment to Donna's article (click here to read) but I think it deserves its own post. Hope you find it useful!

Regarding Breast Cancer Awareness comment from Donna.
I have also done some research on toxic free skin care products. I have sensitive skin and have tried for years to find products that agree with my skin. I started searching the internet about 8 months ago. That is how I came to use Beauty Bliss Cosmetics.

I have tried and use products made by MyChelle (a small company that makes product without toxins).

They make them in small weekly batches to insure that they’re as fresh as possible and not sitting on shelves for months or years.You have to remember that, because there are no artificial preservatives, their shelflives are shorter. MyChelle makes sample sizes you can order.

I also have ordered products from Dakota Free. -

They have a moisturizer that you can use on your body and face. They also make soaps, deodorants etc. They also offer sample sizes.

I found that the products of these two companies to be very reasonably priced.

I hope this helps anyone who is searching for or would like to use toxic free products.