Beauty Bliss Cosmetics Surpasses Commercial Brands In Gentleness, Affordability, and Wearability

Having used Beauty Bliss for 8 years now, I can honestly say that I have never found a better mineral makeup, and I have tried A LOT! I have rosacea and highly sensitive skin, so I find that many skin care brands and make up brands leave me with red, angry, sore skin but not Lynn's products. I'm also not great with ingredients like Mica but I find I can still use all of the Beauty Bliss products, even the regular foundations and eye shadows. Not only are they non-reactive and gentle but I get so many compliments on my skin (something that never happened before finding these). 
Lynn's service is second to none and postage to Australia is pretty fast (usually 2 weeks). Trust me, you will never find a commercial brand that is more gentle, well priced or as lovely as these!
How I use them: Straight over my moisturiser, or sunscreen. Buildable coverage from a light natural look to heavier coverage when I know I'll need a bit more. Also great over a liquid foundation for finishing or oil control (the bliss are really beautiful for this purpose). 
Hope this helps anyone out there who is wondering if they'll be right for them.
Nicole C, aged 55yrs, Brisbane, Australia.
Thank you, Nicole! What a wonderful bit of feedback and it's always helpful to know how other people are applying their makeup. You never know when you'll learn something new! I love to use the Finishing Powders (the "bliss" as Nicole calls them) as a stand alone powder for "no makeup" days where I need a little something extra. They really are excellent for evening out skin tone just a little and helping skin look brighter and glowier. I always appreciate hearing how *you* like to use our makeup!