Does Beauty Bliss Cosmetics Foundation Have A Specific SPF Number?

I receive this question fairly frequently and when this most recent one landed in my inbox I figured it might be useful to you, too:

Hello, I have been enjoying my recent purchase of mineral foundation, it is lovely. I see titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the first few ingredient. Does this foundation have a specific spf number? Such as spf 15 or 30? Thank you for such a great product :) 

~Julia M. 

Thanks for your question, Julia! Unofficially, the foundation has an SPF 20, roughly, based on the ratios in the formula. However, we can’t legally claim an SPF level because the products haven’t been tested in an FDA approved lab. It’s prohibitively expensive and not a cost we can currently incur. But you are absolutely correct that you have broad spectrum sun protection due to the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Our Foundations Offer Broad SPF Coverage!