Why Your Skin Will Love Mineral Makeup

It's no secret that every new beauty product is touted as "the best yet!" In many cases it isn't true. Although mineral makeup has existed since the 1970's it has just now really begun to reach the mass market and be sold on shelves everywhere. It seems the secret benefits of mineral makeup were just discovered a decade ago because that is when it really started to take off.

Mineral makeup ideally separates itself enough from traditional makeup that it really does offer benefits not found in other makeup. Of course, it depends what your needs are if mineral makeup will be a good match for your lifestyle, but in general most of our clients have found mineral makeup to far surpass their other beauty box staples.

The Question is "Why?"

What makes mineral makeup so appealing?  

Its all-natural formula and good-for-skin ingredients are major reasons that we love mineral makeup. In "true" mineral makeup you won't find petroleum byproducts, silicones and synthetic preservatives. The makeup's simple ingredient list makes it easy to research and learn the benefits of each brand.

Natural Ingredients: The skin healing properties of rice powder wick away oil without over-drying skin. The effective, natural sun protection of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The skin purifying benefits of kaolin clay. All of these are standard ingredients in mineral makeup and the reason so many people love to use them. No oils, no perfumes, no artificial dyes or other chemicals!

Non-Comedogenic & Non-Acengenic: Mineral makeup is known for the fact it does not clog pores. It lets skin breathe and does not provide a barrier for natural oil secretion like a liquid does.This means fewer breakouts resulting from topical treatments.

Non-Irritating: Some of the ingredients mentioned above are exceptionally helpful when skin is irritated, inflamed or recovering from a procedure. The skin soothing and healing properties found in many brands is exactly why mineral makeup is highly recommended by physicians and dermatologists.

Inert: Mineral makeup, in general, cannot support bacterial life. The ingredients are inert, meaning they provide no food source for bacteria. This gives mineral makeup an indefinite shelf life and also means you don't have to worry about it going bad or cross contaminating. However, brushes can support bacterial life, so we recommend you clean yours regularly.

Makes Skin Look Younger & Healthier: The light scattering properties of silica and mica diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a "soft focus" appearance. It really helps soften the years away. Plus, because your skin can breathe your natural radiance shines through and many users feel that provides a more youthful appearance. We agree!

Water & Sweat Resistant: While mineral makeup is not waterproof, most versions are highly water resistant thanks to ingredients like titanium dioxide and magnesium myristate. Just dab the moisture away and your makeup will remain intact.

Why has it taken so long to become widely available?

In general, it takes a while for a new product to become widely accepted. Women got used to the fact that liquid makeup provided the best cover with powder used only for setting the liquid. It was hard for consumers to accept that a powder could cover more, and look more natural, than a liquid. It simply seems too good to be true. The truth is, powder can be highly effective at covering and often has better staying power on oily skin than a liquid does.

Have You Tried It?

We encourage you to try Beauty Bliss mineral makeup and see what benefits it can offer you. We offer samples of our Original Foundation and our Matte (Mica-Free) Foundation for only $1 each!