Mineral Cosmetic FAQs

When you're deciding to use mineral cosmetics you probably have a lot of questions. After all the hype, you're left wondering "Are they really that good?" Sure, there are lots of positive things being said about mineral makeup right now, but before you invest in it you should make sure all your questions are answered.

These are common questions people ask before choosing to buying any mineral cosmetic brand.

Is it waterproof?

No, it is not. It is water resistant. This means that mineral cosmetics hold up well to moisture. Whether you get damp from sweating or being in the rain, your mineral makeup should not melt away. Simply dab the excess water off, instead of rubbing it off.

Is it hard to remove?

No, it isn't hard to remove. Any type of facial cleanser, cold cream, eye makeup remover, etc.- even soap and water- will remove it very effectively.

How can it last all day and still be easy to remove?

The basic properties of mineral makeup (titanium dioxide and iron oxides) have great adhesion properties. This means they bind well to the skin. There are no oils or waxes, which helps them to stay on longer. Finally, each ingredient is water- soluble. This makes them easy to remove and is why they are not waterproof.

Does it really look natural?

Yes. It won't leave that tell-tale "mask" on your skin like a liquid foundation. Plus you can easily mix colors to give yourself the best match to your natural skin tone, which helps it look less like makeup.

What makes it matte?

A matte mineral cosmetic will not have any mica in it. Mica adds the sparkle, shimmer, interference, etc. Some micas even give makeup more depth so that it is more compatible to different skin tones. Without it, the mineral cosmetic can look really flat, like paint.

Isn't serecite a mica?

Yes, it is colorless mica. It adds "slip" to the makeup, giving it a silkier feel. It has a very low shimmer to it and it becomes unnoticeable when mixed into the makeup.

Will it clog my pores?

No it won't. Mineral makeup is considered non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive skin. There are typically none of the oils and parabens associated with clogged pores in the formulas.

Will it affect my acne?

It shouldn't. Most mineral cosmetic brands are non-acnegenic, which means they won't irritate acne-prone skin. In fact, many women with acne that use mineral makeup see their skin clear up after using it consistently. Those that do have trouble can usually attribute it to "buffing" the makeup into the skin. Also, cornstarch/rice powder (which is a food product for bacteria) and bismuth oxychloride can irritate acne. Finding a brand free of these ingredients will ensure the best possible chance of happy skin.

Is it OK for oily/dry skin?

It is highly recommended for oily skin because of its intrinsic oil-absorbing properties. It tends to work very well on oily skin. Dry skin can be more problematic because of those same drying ingredients. However, there are formulations out there specifically for dry skin, so those will probably work best.

Which brand is the best?

Choosing a mineral cosmetic company depends on what you are looking for. Many women focus on ingredients, color selection, quantity vs. price, and customer service. You know what you want, so the best idea is to base your choice on your priorities.

Are eBay brands good?
This is a bit tricky. Yes and no. Some are and some aren't. Unfortunately, many people selling on eBay under their own brand are simply resellers of another company's wholesale brand. It's called a "private label." They buy these products at a reduced price because they're buying in bulk and simply put their stickers on it. The problem with this is that they don't know anything about the ingredients or how to help their customers make an appropriate match.

But there are some reputable sellers on eBay. Buying off eBay depends solely on your personal preference. Research your company thoroughly and ask questions if you are unsure.