Sally Loves Our Blonde Eyebrow Powder!

Hi Lynn,

I just got my order of blonde eyebrow powder.  I have been looking for a suitable color for my pale and almost white eyebrows for a long time. Having been a blonde and now with a full head of white hair, it's been hard to find the right color.  Some disappear on my face and others make me look like Groucho Marx.  The blonde color I ordered from you is just perfect!  Have you thought of also selling a little tub of brow wax to help keep the powder in place?  I used some from another product and the wax increased the staying power of the powder.

Let me know what you think.
Thanks for the terrific product!

Sally Chapman

Thanks, Sally! I am looking into brow wax. For those of you that may be having trouble with your brow powder staying in place all day you might want to try Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer

Our Blonde Eyebrow Powder Is Super Neutral.