Beauty Bliss Cosmetics Matte Mineral Foundation Withstands Heat & Humidity

Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I originally saw your Etsy page but I ended up shopping on your Beauty Bliss website.

This is the first time I've come across a foundation that actually works without irritating my skin. I've tried lots of mineral make up brands over the years, some were better than others, but all of them made my skin feel dry and itchy and none of them ever gave me the natural matte finish that yours does so I am thrilled to finally find something that works for me!

I actually live in the Caribbean so for me that's the ultimate test, having my make up last throughout the day, in 30*+ heat and humidity! Thank you for the throwing in a sample of the finishing powder as well. I think I might actually be back to try your primer/mattifier.

Thanks for creating such awesome products!! :)

I'll definitely be back for more!


Thank YOU, Michelle, for taking the time to send your feedback. I am so glad our Matte Mineral Foundation exceeded your expectations. Holding up to heat and humidity is definitely a tough test and I'm happy you found ours does so well.

Our Matte Mineral Foundation Holds Up To Heat & Humidity!